Mark Lack Biography

Like most little kids I had been to birthday parties and gone paintballing. We did the rental guns and were all scared to death. I didn’t even know speedball and hyperball existed. Then in 2004 my friend invited me to join him in a 3 man paintball league. Sounded like fun so we went to the old Tombstone paintball park and joined the P.L.A.Y. League. Wow! Looking back on that seems like sooo long ago but playing hyperball was so much more fun then any recreation game I had ever played.

The league was for beginners and young guns and a few sandbaggers as we discovered. We were complete newbies but we were hooked. My first team was named Black And Blue…I think you can get an idea how we came up with that name. The league was organized like a series tournament with points accumulated from week to week and was instructional.

As a result of the P.L.A.Y. League I was dedicated to playing paintball. My friend and I joined forces with another  team from the league that was Captained by Dan Gestine and started our own 5 man team called Break 50. We played soo many tournaments back then it is hard to remember them all.

We played three man, five man and seven man tournaments. I didn’t even know X ball existed yet! As we expanded into a seven man team we picked up my dad as one of our players. We played the XPSL Series and NPPL HB and there we learned that national level competition was much tougher than what we had experienced. We knew we needed more work.

As Break 50 we grinded every weekend and practiced hard on our own. Then by chance my dad met Gio, owner of SC Village, GIANT Paintball and HSP fame, at a golf tournament and Gio told him about a clinic that we should attend given by Rodney Squires. Basically, that changed my paintball career.

We had only practiced on our own so we had no idea how much we didn’t know. The clinic was mind blowing for us and we felt like we couldn’t wait to play every week. A few months later Rodney started coaching us regularly. As we learned from our coach and our losses are games improved a lot. My dad decided he should coach. Break 50 finished 2005 strong by winning the Bears Cup Series. We also blended our team at the end of the season with a couple of new players from Circle Factory and played as RXN. We placed fifth at NPPL Miami won the five man at Cal Jam and won some cash at the RIOT tournament at Warped. I went to Birmingham, England that year to play in my first Millennium Series event. What an experience to play overseas. Crazy new rules, foreign languages everywhere, hundreds of smoking players, driving in the wrong lane, tiny cars and even smaller hotel rooms…very cool! Luckily I have been able to go back and play in Belgium also.

During that off season we started from scratch and held a big tryout for our new team, DYNASTY Entourage. A new commitment, a new dedication and a desire to win! For the last three seasons Entourage has been the most consistent divisional team on the national paintball circuit.

2009 will be another year to continue the winning tradition!

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