Phoenix – Newport Entourage

The Phoenix Xball tournament was a great refresher for Entourage. We haven’t played Xball as a team for like three years and we added some new players for this season.Our goal was to learn from the experience and win the tournament.

We accomplished both goals. Our play was a little inconsistent as we tried to figure out how to make adjustments during the game. Xball punishes you if don’t recognize opportunities quickly, but hopefully you can fix the problems on the next point. The prelims went ok for us and we ended up not earning a bye on Sunday. Unfortunately I was injured Saturday and couldn’t play but I was ready for Sunday.

It seemed like having to play the extra quarterfinal game on Sunday helped most teams in the Semis. We had to play Elevation in the Quarters, SK Moscow in the Semis and then RNT AllStars in the finals. The finals were a tough match and we ended up winning the Phoenix event.

The 2010 Xball season will be a great experience for Entourage!


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