Phoenix – Newport Entourage

The Phoenix Xball tournament was a great refresher for Entourage. We haven’t played Xball as a team for like three years and we added some new players for this season.Our goal was to learn from the experience and win the tournament.

We accomplished both goals. Our play was a little inconsistent as we tried to figure out how to make adjustments during the game. Xball punishes you if don’t recognize opportunities quickly, but hopefully you can fix the problems on the next point. The prelims went ok for us and we ended up not earning a bye on Sunday. Unfortunately I was injured Saturday and couldn’t play but I was ready for Sunday.

It seemed like having to play the extra quarterfinal game on Sunday helped most teams in the Semis. We had to play Elevation in the Quarters, SK Moscow in the Semis and then RNT AllStars in the finals. The finals were a tough match and we ended up winning the Phoenix event.

The 2010 Xball season will be a great experience for Entourage!


DC Challenge USPL Semi-Pro – Dynasty Entourage

DC- PEVs was a great field to have an event at. I hope they have another event out there next season. Weather was pretty good overall, but still hot and humid like every paintball event. Prelims went really well for us. We practiced really hard and knew the field very well. Our hard work paid off because when Sunday came around we proved ourselves by getting 1st place against Arsenal Evolution in the finals. During the finals we received an over shooting penalty in the first game and got a 6 game suspension. This meant we had to finish the finals playing 6 on 7 against Aresnal. They ended up taking the next game because we lost too many bodies off the break making it almost impossible to win. After realizing we would never win if we couldn’t survive off the break, we changed our game plan a little for game 3. The game came down to a 2 on 4 (me and Collette) vs 4 Arsenal players. Collette and I have many years of playing together in Finals so we were not worried in this situation. I made a move that the Arsenal players didn’t see and capitalized on the situation taking out 2 Arsenal players while at almost the same time Collette shot out the other 2 Arsenal players. So we ended up taking 1st place again, versus Arsenal Evolution.

West Coast Open USPL Semi-Pro – Dynasty Entourage

Corona- Thanks to Gio for having an event so close to home, it was great being able to win a USPL at SC Village. Prelims were a little rough. We started out by beating all the harder teams and ended up getting ahead of ourselves and lost a few games because we got sloppy. Like always, after making mistakes we went back with our coach Rodney Squires to review what went wrong. After figuring out what needed to be fixed, when Sunday Finals came around, we cruised through and ended up taking 1st against Arsenal Evolution, which included B Short and Nicky Cuba.

Chicago X-ball PSP Semi-Pro – Aftermath

Chicago- Me and a few other players from Entourage helped out Mike Hinman’s team, Aftermath, by guesting for the team. Great bunch of guys and a great team. The tournament was hot and humid! We went through the prelims undefeated in our matches. Sunday we played a quick match against team XSV in the finals and ended up taking 1st place.

Huntington Beach USPL Semi-Pro – Dynasty Entourage

Huntington Beach- was a great event, lots of people showed up and watched, and the competition was great! we went 6-2 in the prelims which was good because we got our mistakes out of the way for Sunday.Sunday/Finals we ended up taking 1st against our biggest competition Arsenal Evolution, which includede B Short and Mike Paxson.