Las Vegas

Vegas was a good event. Real fun and convenient being right near the strip. The prelims went well for us even though we still had a 6-game penalty that carried over from the DC event. We had to play down a player for 4 of the games in the prelims, and to make things worse, a player on the team got ANOTHER 3-game penalty right when our 6-game came off.  So we played 7 of the 8 prelim games with 6 guys. Somehow even with the odds against us we managed to be ranked the highest in our divisional prelim games placing us as the number one seed for Sunday.

Finals went well for us like the rest of the events this season we placed 1st giving us a perfect record for the season and making us the Semi-Pro USPL Champs.

Look out for Entourage in 2010! We’re coming hard.