New idea for my fellow paintball brothers…

For my fellow paintball brothers who have to apply to colleges, I am posting you a little idea I came up with for the letter the colleges ask you to write. In today’s world it is really hard to get accepted by the college of your choice. So, you have to apply to several colleges to increase the odds of your acceptance. Some people at college admissions don’t think team sports are of any value and they don’t get paintball at all. So, I came up with this letter to describe my paintball experience as if it was a part time job…without the boredom.

My last six years have been pretty much consumed by school and my part time job, which requires travel. My part time job requires hard work, quick thinking and communicating with my co-workers. The job involves independent decision making in a team atmosphere. By working together to achieve a common goal, we are able to overcome objections and deal with rejection. Managing my time effectively between eighteen units a semester and a job that requires domestic and international travel has allowed me to experience many more real life challenges than my peers. Ultimately my part time job experience has taught me many life lessons applicable to life after college. In order to achieve, you must first set goals, establish a timeline and measure your results. Once you understand where you are, compared to where you want to be, then you can work to accomplish your goals.

I’ll be attending Cal State Fullerton in the fall as a Junior. Check out to keep up to date, check out some pics or watch vids.